Baleia Blu Ceramics

Handmade by Adette Contreras in Brooklyn, NY. Inspired by a big blue whale and our little blue planet.

Going Public and Developing the Logo

Going Public and Developing the Logo

And just like that, I've put this out into the world. Launched last week and made it public, with a little push (great big shove) from Måns. A quick post on Facebook and Instagram has never been more terrifying. It's strange putting something so personal out there in the open, but that's the whole exercise of this wonderful mess, and everyone has been so lovely and supportive. I don't know if that makes me feel better or adds to the pressure. Both.

Meanwhile, the logo's been swimming around in my head for a while now, but it hasn't solidified into anything concrete yet. These things take time. Experimented this weekend and played around with some ideas, in hopes that it would lead to something.

Here's where my head was 3 and a half months ago. Was inspired by the idea of something so large being contained in something so small. Water color style. Rough lines. Nothing too clean or precious.


But part of the reason I chose "Baleine Bleue" as the name is because it has such great imagery attached to it. So then I went about trying to fit in the tattoo design into the logo. Playing around with the sketches below on iPad + Procreate + 53 Pencil:


But, one of the photos from last week's new pieces really struck me. The shape and the watery way in which the glaze turned out was pretty striking. Especially since I was just going for simple black and white pieces; the blue layer where they overlap was not intentional, and that's the prettiest part. So, I took it into Photoshop and started to combine it with the sketches above.


What you don't see are the 719,345 different typefaces I tried. I tried them under. I tried them over. I tried them around. I tried them within. I tried them heavy. I tried them light. I tried cursive, serif, sans, block, fine, distressed, clean; I tried them all. 

And this is what came out.


But it's too much. Too much of everything. Too much for the eyes to look at, so I took a step back.


Much better. Quieter. Still has the movement that the first version had but less noise. Logo laws deem that I should be going with a flat, vector symbol. But lucky for me, I can do whatever I want, and it's the shadows, texture, and non-vector-ness that I'm loving right now. The flat version can wait. This still wasn't hitting the right note though, so I took another step back.



Started playing around with some brushes in Photoshop and my Wacom tablet, but really wanted something more direct and quick. So, I brought it back into Procreate, and now–instead of searching through 719,345,214 different typefaces (I added more...), I wrote. And rewrote. And rewrote. And rewrote. The problem with the handwritten version is that it's never perfect enough. But then again, that's the whole exercise of embracing the mess. Can't be too clean. Can't be too precious.

So, here's where we've landed. For now.

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