Baleia Blu Ceramics

Handmade by Adette Contreras in Brooklyn, NY. Inspired by a big blue whale and our little blue planet.

The Cutest Whale Ever

The Cutest Whale Ever

And the logo edits continue. 

Couldn't sleep the other night. So lovely to have a quiet night when it feels like the whole world is sleeping; that's the best time to design. I just started fooling around with some shapes and realized it would be pretty neat to use the whale itself and stylize it more, make it look more like a letter b. And this guy came out!


He turned out so cute, that I decided to keep going with it. Was there a way for me to incorporate two bs for "baleine bleue"? So... my whale got a little calf.


But I felt like the bs weren't pronounced enough to warrant two whales, especially now that it's turning into Les Baleines Bleues. Nope. Simplify. Bye baby whale. Plus, I missed the ceramic piece of the equation. This one was my favorite from the last go-round, with the abstract watery bowl and the whale diving into it. 


So, what if it's back to one whale and the bowl shape? Could they work together? Part of what I was missing for the first draft was that I really wanted to showcase the whale–not just his tail. It's such great imagery that it feels like a missed opportunity if I don't feature a cute-ass whale front and center. Branding 101. 

This was what came out next. 


Getting there... But these are the times when having a super-talented designer boyfriend helps. The next day, Måns took a look and liked the direction, but he thought the bowl was just mucking up the b-shape. Not adding anything. "The two shapes aren't helping each other."

Fair. The two elements aren't as integrated as I'd like it to be. I played with negative space too. Maybe the whale is the negative space inside the bowl. Maybe they're more separate?


I had a little laugh at this moment. The whale is just getting cuter and cuter! Of course, enter Måns that just pushed it to the next level. "What if the whale tail is like a spoon sticking out and his face is the bowl front?" Um. Yes. 

Quick draft by Swanberg himself:


My goodness. Cannot contain myself. It's so cute... and what an incredible stamp it would make. Took the concept, ran with it, and ended up with my favorite logo so far. Plus the magic of Procreate has captured the entire journey in video form. (Ignore the part with the swirly-style handwriting. Gross.)



I can't stop laughing! He makes me giggle when I look at him, and I think it captures perfectly the spirit of the project. It's silly. It's cute. It's huge–blue whale huge–but whatever, it's not that big of a deal. 

Hehe. He's in a bowl. He IS a bowl! 

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