Baleia Blu Ceramics

Handmade by Adette Contreras in Brooklyn, NY. Inspired by a big blue whale and our little blue planet.

Calatrava and Chalayan

Calatrava and Chalayan

Finding inspiration in architecture and fashion today.

Been feeling the wanderlust pull even more potently than usual. Might have to do with all the life things that are happening. So, I dragged a few friends on a little photography field trip today, thought it would be fun to act like a traveler in our own city. The new Calatrava station (to NJ, of all places!) is just breathtaking. I knew it would be stunning (what with that $6B budget and all), but man, there's nothing like actually going there. I didn't feel like I was in NYC. Felt like something out of Asia, Norther Europe, or the far away future. Even the giant wall of advertising was out of this world.

So I brought my trusty camera along for some fun in Manhattan. Also reminding me that I need to process a bunch of vacation shots that are just sitting on the hard drive. In fact, this whole section has been neglected lately. Noted.


Thinking that this new collection might just be white glazes. All white, to play with shape and the simplicity of white and how the light hits it. Maybe exploring carving into it too, to see how light goes through it.

My friend Claudia introduced me to an incredible fashion designer named Chalayan. His stuff is just so out there. Found a couple of pieces online that I am crushing on hard and wondering how I can translate to the clay. For the first image, I think the lines on the piece would be super interesting and the shape is wonderful. For the second one, I'm going to punch some holes into the pot, and use different glazes for the top and bottom. 

Getting Daring

Getting Daring

Bigger, Better

Bigger, Better